Couch to 5 K




Couch to 5K Registration and Health History

The Couch to 5 K program is a 10-week running program that leads up to the Tim Hortons Joe McGuire Road Race on July 29. This program is for anyone willing to make the commitment to participate in the 5 K run. There are many advantages to group training, and together the leaders and members of this group will help each other reach their goals.

The Couch to 5 K program is a walk/jog program that has been designed to ease participants into running. The goal of this program is to turn participants into runners. This means there will be three sessions a week that are 30-60 minutes long that involve intervals of walking and running. It is important to have breaks in between these days for your body to recover. The program is not about running as fast as you can: it’s about getting fit. Therefore, over the 10 weeks there will gradually be more jogging/running and the goal is to increase the distance/time you are running over the weeks.

Have any questions? You can join the Couch to 5K-Woodstock program and ask some questions. There are people in this group who have done the program before and have a lot of advice to offer. Or contact Jill Dunnett:, 325-4307

Here is some important information regarding the specifics of the Couch to 5 K Program.

  • The first running session will be May 23rd at 7:00pm.
  • Regular sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM, and Saturdays at 8:30 AM.
  • The group will meet at the Woodstock Farm & Craft Market on King St.
  • The runs will usually be along the NB trail behind the Farm & Craft Market. The sessions leading up to the race may be similar to the race route. Further information about this will be given to the group at a later date.
  • Be sure to join the Facebook page Couch to 5K-Woodstock. This will be an important method of contact and information, and any questions you have can be asked here.
  • Due to weather, sessions may be cancelled or moved into the arena.
  •  Registration fee is $90 which includes the following:
  • A 10-week program, 3 sessions per week, led by 2 motivational coaches.
  • 2-3 clinics (training related topics).
  • Access to a closed Facebook group to stay connected with other participants.
  • Registration into the Tim Hortons Joe McGuire Road Race ($30 value).
  • An opportunity to make a lifestyle change…Priceless!