Epic Glow Gotcha

Wednesday, August 10th


The 3rd Epic Glow Gotcha- Glow Tag game will be held at the Woodstock Golf & Curling Club on Wednesday, August 10th for youth ages 12-16.

The game takes place in the wooded area of the golf course grounds and starts at 9PM, with check-in at 8:30PM. Participants must check-in to get their glow bands which represent their life in the game. When a glow band is removed from a player- they are out of the game. New glow bands can be purchased for $5 each until 10PM. The game usually wraps up around midnight.

There will be a campfire and s’mores for youth once they are done playing. Participants may want to bring money to buy drinks at the golf club, as they will not be provided.


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