Swim Lessons

Preschool: $57.50
Swimmer 1-6: $57.50
Canadian Swim Patrol: $80.50

Private Lessons 
30 min session $22.00
30 min session $14.00 (person with a disability)


swimming lessons information 

Swim lessons are offered in the Winter, Spring and Fall for a 10 week sessions.  Summer Lessons are 2 weeks ( one session in July & one session in August). Registration & Payment is done two weeks prior to each session in person at AYR Motor Centre Reception Desk.

Registration is a first come/ first served basis. It is only possible to be registered for one session at a time. If your child is currently registered in the program they cannot register again until after their last class.

Please review the Swim Lessons Registration Policy .

Swim Lesson Types & Rates



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