AYR Motor Centre Users NOTICE

AMC-residency form

As of September 1st 2017 ALL USERS of the AYR Motor Centre MUST obtain a Resident ID Card annually September – September from reception for the following:

  • Pool Lessons (including private lessons)
  • Fitness Memberships
  • Program facilitated by the AYR Motor Centre
  • Outside Associations using AYR Motor Centre


Proof of residency MUST be provided

  • Homeowners- Photo ID & property tax bill
  • Renter- Photo ID & Copy of a bill with address on it


You will be given a resident card number that you will need to show when you register for any sport or recreation activity within the community which utilizes the AYR Motor Centre. This must be done on or before registration night September 13th, 2017.


The Town of Woodstock receives taxation support to operate Recreation Programs and Facilities from the following Local Service Districts:

    • Northampton LSD
    • Richmond LSD
    • Wakefield (inside) LSD
    • Woodstock LSD
    • Woodstock First Nation

Class 2:The Local Service Districts of Upper/Lower Northampton and Debec voted not to support the facilities/programs and are therefore subject to a user fee of 400.00/person (maximum of $800.00/family) to participate in programs that are rate subsidized by the Town of Woodstock. AMENDED BY TOWN COUNCIL, August 28th, 2017: User fees for the non-participating LSD’s to change to $200.00 individual, maximum $400.00/family

Class 3: For all other participants outside of the above LSD’s, the following user-fee will be charged: $100.00 per participant to a maximum of $200.00 per family per calendar year.

If participants of Class 2 (Non- Contributing LSD Users) or Class 3 (Residents living outside the LSD catchment area) looking to sign up for programs /memberships and have NOT paid the annual user fee (for the family or associated participant) they are required to pay 50% more.