Woodstock in motion Games

July 15, 2016

The Woodstock in-motion Games is an opportunity for the little ones between the ages of 5-7 years old to participate in in-motion Games just like the big kids! They will participate in multi-sport activities and fun games throughout the day. The registration fee includes lunch and an in-motion games t-shirt.


  • The event is being held in Woodstock at the AYR Motor Centre.
  • As mentioned, this is a full day event for children ages 5-7.
  • Registration fee is $10. Includes the day event, a t-shirt, and lunch.
  • Woodstock in-motion Games will be held July 15th with drop off between 8:30 and 9 AM at the AYR Motor Centre.
  • Multi-sport activities and fun games will begin at 9.
  • Participants will receive a t-shirt, and lunch will be provided.
  • Pick up is at 4 PM at the AYR motor centre.
  • Activities will be inside as well as outside (inside if raining); therefore participants will need to bring indoor sneakers, outdoor sneakers, water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, bathing suit (for splash pad), hat, and clothing appropriate for the weather.


Contact Jillian McNally: jmcnall10@gmail.com or Jill Dunnett: jill.dunnett@town.woodstock.nb.ca or 325-4307

Summer Programs Registration Form

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